I want to give you proven solutions for:

  • Low Energy and Fatigue

  • Reducing Stress

  • Permanent Weight Loss

  • Sticking to a Healthy Diet and Exercise Program for LIFE

  • Sleeping Well

  • Eliminating Pain and Stiffness

  • Having Better Sex

  • Looking and Feeling Your Best for LIFE

Meet Rico

Rico Caveglia is America’s Healthy Aging Trainer – Author of 17 books Creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle and the Vitality for Life Training System.

Chronological Age – 75
Fitness Age – 34

 Club Details – What – Why – How

I personally guarantee that if you follow your Club Trainings and implement your personalized anti aging system on a consistent basis, you can avoid dis-ease, old age, the nursing home and live a healthy, high energy, vital, long life and you will never be OLD!

— Rico Caveglia

Dr. Tess Mauricio M.D. Ageless Living Advocate Interviews Rico

Being fit, energetic and vital for life is PRICELESS


$1 for the first month

Your Transformational Training

An important message from Rico

Listen to this short audio first

Your First 12 Weeks

Relief from your immediate health and fitness challenges

Video Audio and eBooks

Rico will coach you via video, audio and text lessons on how to reduce and eliminate health challenges such as; stess, anxiety, depression, low energy fatigue, obesity, back pain, inflammation, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, all which lead to premature aging, dementia, and Alzheimers.

Week 1


Exercises to discover your life purpose and the real reasons you want to achieve your smart health and fitness goals.

Week 2

Maximum Personal Energy

A complete guide for creating maximum energy on a daily basis.

Week 3

Natural Stress Reduction

Learn a complete mind/body/spiritual system of proven strategies for stress management and to reduce fear and anxiety.

Week 4

Permanent Fat Reduction

How to end your struggle with dieting and losing weight forever and a complete guide for what you need to do instead.

Week 5

Healthy Real Food and Nutrition – Part One

How to eat a healthy diet of real live, nutritious food everyday for weight management and high energy.

Week 6

Healthy Real Food and Nutrition – Part Two

Time management in the kitchen and how to make healthy, raw, green, meals, drinks and snacks in 15 minutes or less.

Week 7

Fitness for Life – Part One

A guide for developing a comprehensive personalized fitness program you can stick with for life.

Week 8

Fitness for Life – Part Two

Rico’s popular routines for reducing stiffness and back pain and being ready for a powerful, successful, highly engaged day.

Week 9

Sleep Well

A comprehensive outline of the importance of sleep,causes of poor sleep and strategies for getting the amount of restful sleep you need.

Week 10

Back Care

Learn proven mental and physical techniques for stretching and strengthening core muscles and for reducing back pain/sciatica and stiffness.

Week 11

Natural Healing Methods

What to do before seeking medical intervention. How to strengthen your immune system naturally and avoid disease and old age.

Week 12

Anti Aging Strategies

Proven mind/body strategies for developing your healthy living system.

Your Second 12 Weeks

Rico’s Elite Ageless Living Lifestyle Coaching Program

Video Audio and eBooks

“Coaching is the surest/fastest way to achieve your goals.”

You will follow a step by step process to create your personal Ageless Living Healthy Lifestyle Wellness System. You will learn the C.L.E.A.R., C.A.R.E., and C.A.N. Strategies for achieving your smart goals that will get and keep you fit and energetic for a productive, joyful, long life.

Week 13

The Ageless Living Lifestyle

Introduction to your program and becoming inspired for your lifetime success.

Week 14

Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

How to discover and change your beliefs to empowering positive ones. The important first step in never being old!

Week 15

Your Life Purpose

Living on purpose is the key to a healthy, successful, happy life.

Week 16


Proven attributes to acquire that will ensure your successful, joyful life.

Week 17

Major Health Risks

Most degenerative diseases are preventable, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes with the healthy lifestyle you are learning.

Week 18

Real Nutrition for Real People

The what, when, how and why for shopping, preparing and healthy eating everyday.

Week 19

Fitness – Move It or Lose It

Consistent proper exercise will keep you from ever becoming old.

Week 20

Rest and Rejuvenation for Well Being

How to relax, sleep better and rejuvenate your body/mind/spirit.

Week 21


How to have and be more fun, is one of the most important components for health and longevity.

Week 22

Your Customized Life Plan

Putting it all together and complete mental and physical guidelines for three different fitness levels.

Week 23


How to create a balanced lifestyle. This is the Secret for a Successful Happy Life.

Week 24

Comprehensive Program Review

Review of all lessons and how to get started now.

After Your 24 Weeks

Weekly Training

You will receive weekly trainings from our team of healthcare practitioners on the most current wellness challenges and breakthroughs. You will also be the first to receive chapters of our new Self Care Manual – How to care for your body/mind for optimal health and vitality.

Being fit, energetic and vital for life is PRICELESS


$1 for the first month

Stay Connected to the Movement and Your Community

Staying a member of the club will greatly help you to continue to look and feel your best and never become old.

After your 24 week training, you have the opportunity to receive ongoing weekly trainings from our new Self Care Manual as well as the latest anti aging and longevity information. Members also have access to our library of audios, videos, articles, Q & A and forum to connect with other members all for a small monthly fee.

“Rico’s Ageless Living Lifestyle will help many people
achieve a vitality that makes life worth living.”

Larry Dossey, MD



You are invited to join with us in our quest to be our best selves, so we can all be more successful, fulfilled and help to make it a more peaceful, prosperous and healthy world for all of humanity.

The first 100 members receive

The Following Valuable Bonuses


Bonus One

A private phone strategy sessions with Rico to address your immediate needs
$150 Value



Rico’s popular two part video:
What foods Rico eats and how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals in 15 minutes or less.
$29 Value



Rico’s e-Book Real Food Real Fast Lifetime Eating Plan
Contains 100 quick recipes – 50 raw recipes
$29 Value



Two free tickets to our next
Be Bold Never Be Old
Live Event in San Diego
$197 Value

Total Value of Bonuses



Full Refund after the first 4 weeks if not satisfied


Being fit, energetic and vital for life is PRICELESS


$1 for the first month

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